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I am Masami.
Japanese Brush Calligraphy Artist @Redbubble


Welcome to Moji Brush.

My name is Masami and as a veteran artist of Shodo Traditional Japanese Brush Calligraphy, I have put over 20 years of study into creating unique and personalised art. I wanted to share this love of calligraphy.

Moji is Japanese for "word" and each word I create is hand written by me using traditional calligraphy brushes and ink.

Japanese brush calligraphy (Shodo) conveys harmony and elegance through each brush-stroke. Each unique piece has an aesthetic pleasure and transfers onto paper many thousands of years of wisdom. In eastern philosophy each word, and each stroke of the calligraphers brush has a sacred and spiritual meaning, this is why the calligraphic artwork is said to be charged with positive and powerful energy.

Japanese calligraphy is a Zen practice similar to the art of the Tea Ceremony (Sadou), Japanese fencing with swords (Kendo) and other fighting arts (Budo). Calligraphic symbols are very concise and transfer great meaning in the simplest brush strokes. They are written on white paper which represents emptiness in Zen philosophy, and black brush strokes on a white background brings together the concepts of Yin and Yang.

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